Please note that we can only take CASH or CHECK. Thank you!

Prices are accurate as of Fall 2018. See the options we provide below:


Standard Cut – $65: Steaks, Roast, Burger, Back Straps

One-Hind Cube – $67: Steaks, Roast, Burger, Back Straps

All Ground or Cubed – $70

One-Hind Jerky – $85: Steaks, Roast, Burger, back Straps

All Jerky – $100: Rest Grind & Back Straps

All Sausage – $85

Add Ons:

Sausage (Hot, Mild, Maple) – $3 per lb

Bacon Burger – $3 per lb

Summer Sausage -$7/roll

Jalapeño Burgers – $3 per lb

Bratwurst – $6/pack (4-5 per pack)


Field dressing (gutting) – $20 and must be paid in advance

Cape & Hold – $10: Capes will not be frozen after 7 days. Horns will be cut off.

Freezer paper – $10 extra per order

Vacuum Seal – $20 extra per order

Thank you for your interest in our mounts! I would be more than happy to help you retain your memory of the hunt by doing quality taxidermy for you to display for years to come. If your idea is different than a shoulder or Euro mount, please call me and I can help you price it.


SHOULDER MOUNTS: $350 ($175 deposit)




Dale & Crew

PLEASE NOTE: All Wild Hogs must be field dressed before arriving.

$85*– Wild Hogs: Steaks, Roast, and Ground Pork, Backstraps-Whole, Sliced, or Chops.
(*Over 250lbs. will be $85 + .35¢ per lb.)


$60* – Wild Hogs: Quartered and Skinned.
(*Over 250lbs. will be $85 + .35¢ per lb.)

 – $2/lb: Wild Hogs and Domestic Hogs.

 – .35¢ per lb. Kill and gut fee is $35.

$50– Quarted, Skinned, and Gutted